City Gallery, Wellington
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Haere mai ki TEDxYouth@TeAro.

TEDxYouth@TeAro has one goal: give young Wellingtonians a local and global platform to spread their ideas, in their own words.

We make this happen through the powerful worldwide TEDx movement. We organise and hold TEDxYouth events, which are like full-on TED events, only organised by young people in our community. TEDxYouth provides an opportunity for personal and professional development for our organisers, a platform for our speakers, and an inspiring event for our attendees.

The difference between us and any other youth organisation is the live aspect. On our stages, young Wellingtonians get the chance to express their ideas without being hampered by society or context – the only limit is the TED Talk format. Our speakers get months of intense coaching and support before the event, but in the end, it’s their idea worth spreading.

We held our first event in 2018, and are currently organising our 2019 event. If you’d like to help us out, drop us a line: info@tedxyouthtearo.nz

TEDxYouth@TeAro 2018

We held our 2018 event on September 15, 2018, at City Gallery Wellington, featuring Hama Tau’alupe, Watene Campbell, Hannah Ward, Natasha Scott, Ryan Maass, and Charlotte Barber.

TEDxYouth@TeAro 2018 was supported by