City Gallery, Wellington
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Graphic design

Role: You’ll be designing graphics for our social media, as well as laying out, designing, and writing our programme. You’ll also be designing collateral as needed for the event, including signage.

Skills: High proficiency in and personal access to Adobe Creative Cloud suite, especially Photoshop and InDesign; ability to independently design assets and graphics for social and print media in accordance with brand guidelines, a marketing plan, and the needs of the event.


Role: You’ll be putting together and executing our marketing plan for the promotion of our speaker applications, ticket sales, and the event as a whole. You’ll need to know what appeals to our young, curious, creative audience.

Skills: Effective visual and verbal communication skills, strong ability to plan ahead and market to a young audience, proficiency with common social media platforms.


Role: You’ll be working with our A/V provider to create both an engaging live experience and strong and effective video. You’ll also be working the event day as A/V crew, liaising between our team and theirs.

Skills: Previous school production or live event crew experience a must.

Photography and video production

Role: You’ll be doing general promotional photography, as well as portrait photography of our team and speakers. You’ll also be managing our photography volunteers, alongside our Experience team.

Skills: Previous photography experience a must, as well as your own camera (preferably one that shoots 1080p video).



Role: You’ll be managing welfare issues across the event, including accessibility alongside our venue liaison and dietary requirements alongside our ticketing and catering coordinators. You’ll organise welfare needs for the event such as a first aid kit, and you’ll also be advising the volunteer coordinator on welfare volunteer selections.

Skills: Knowledge of general welfare requirements is essential and prior experience in welfare is ideal, as well as communication skills for liaising with various team members and potential external welfare providers.


Role: You will be organising volunteers for the event and any other occasions throughout the planning process. This involves managing volunteer applications, selecting volunteers, training volunteers in preparation for the event, and overseeing volunteers on the day.

Skills: Communication and management skills, ability to train and work with volunteers.


Role: You will be selecting a caterer for the event, liaising with catering providers to create a menu, and organising catering logistics in the lead up to and on the day. You’ll liaise with the Welfare and Tickering Coordinators regarding dietary requirements.

Skills: Professional communication skills, relevant knowledge and/or experience in catering are ideal.


Role: You’ll be managing the event logistics and odd jobs to do with the running of the event, including attendee experience and live music or entertainment aside from speakers.

Skills: Professional communication skills, previous experience in running events.



Role: You’ll be coaching our speakers throughout the speaker development process to make their talks the best they can be for the event. You’ll be giving feedback to speakers and liaising between speakers and the team throughout this process.

Skills: Speaking skills and prior speaking or coaching experience are a must – you must have knowledge of public speaking and be able to coach our speakers to improve their talks.


Role: You’ll be managing our speaker application and selection processes, reaching out to potential speakers and deciding whose ideas are best suited to our event. You’ll be working with potential speakers to understand and clarify their ideas before the speaker development process begins.

Skills: Communication and admin skills, knowledge or experience in speaking and/or coaching ideal.


Role: You’ll be working as an admin for the speakers team, liaising between speakers and the rest of the team throughout selection and development processes. Ideally this person is also a coach and/or curator.

Skills: Admin and communication skills.



Role: You will be reaching out to and liaising with any potential partners and sponsors of our event. You will have a hand in creating a Partner Pack which determines partners’ benefits and their role in the event. You may also work with our venue liaison or Experience team to apply for relevant subsidies.

Skills: Professional communication and time management skills. Finance management skills or previous finance experience are ideal.


Role: You’ll be selecting our ticketing platform and managing ticket purchases. You will manage this platform alongside the Media team.

Skills: Ability to use our chosen ticketing platform will be necessary.


Role: You will create a budget for our event and be in charge of keeping this up-to-date with expenses and income as they come. You will liaise with the rest of the team regarding their expenses and work to create a realistic budget which serves the event’s needs.

Skills: Finance management skills are a must, as well as organisational skills and ability to keep up with the budget as our ideas are clarified and our income comes in and expenses are paid for.