We're next: TEDxYouth@TeAro is back for 2019.

Last year, we asked: “What’s next?”. This year, we know: we are. TEDxYouth@TeAro is back and better than ever, at the helm of our former Associate Finance Director, Olivia Trass.

We’re looking for a passionate and skilled team of young people to organise TEDxYouth@TeAro 2019. If you wanna be a part of it, and I really think you should, applications are open now, and close at 11.59pm NZDT Saturday 26th January 2019.

In one guise or another, this is my fourth year organising a TEDxYouth event in Wellington, and I’d appreciate your forgiveness for the following thoughts on what it means to do just that.

I’ve twice stood on the steps overlooking the City Gallery Wellington foyer, twice observed with pride the hustle and delight at my feet, twice felt an immense sense of joy and achievement at the conclusion of months of hard work on the part of myself and my friends. I’ve never been more excited for that than this year. Why?

Well, one of my closest friends is running the show this time. I know her, I know her skills, I know her competence and ability. I know that if you apply, you’ll be in extremely safe hands. You’ll be supported, your skills will be used, and you’ll be a part of a tight-knit family. TEDx organising teams become a family, I know, I’ve been in two of them. I have an emotional stake in the success of this venture, and I’ve never been more confident in anything than I am in the fact that Olivia and our team will pull this off in an amazing way.

This year, ten-ish people will spend eight months working closely together on an amazing show, an amazing project. They will, at some point on August 24th, stand on those same steps overlooking that same foyer, and feel the same feeling I felt.

Not even counting the skills you’ll gain, the friends you’ll make, and the time you’ll have, that feeling alone is enough to be a part of this magical thing we do called TEDxYouth@TeAro. I know it’s what keeps bringing me back.

Ngā mihi,

Jackson Lacy

Kaiwhakahaere Tuarua/Co-Producer

TEDxYouth@TeAro 2019

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